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The Australian Services Union is tens of thousands of workers who have united to protect and improve our wages and working conditions.

We work across many different industries and workplaces:

Our union sets its ambitions very high, in terms of what we can achieve for our members & the wider community.

For example, we delivered fairer and more equal pay for women when most thought it was a pipedream and we were the first in the world to deliver paid domestic violence leave in a workplace agreement – an issue which is now in the national conversation.

Everything we do as a union is done with the inclusion of members’ input and ideas. We are a member-led, democratic union.

We make sure that members have a range of options in terms of our services and supports to recognise all members are individuals with unique needs.

Some people want help with professional development; others value the discounts we provide on goods and services; and some people just want the assurance that if something goes wrong at work, they’ll get the advice & representation they need.

Everyone’s different but we’re here for all members, every step of the way.

The Australian Services Union - By your side

Acknowledgement of Country

The Australian Services Union acknowledges that the ASU offices are on the traditional country of the Kaurna people and the Larrakia people.

We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationships with the land.

We pay our respects to Elders past and present.

We extend this recognition and respect to all First Nations people.

We understand that sovereignty has never been ceded and we try to be mindful of this in everything we do.

We support the right of First Nations people to self-determination. We stand alongside you in the fight to make this happen.



For the very latest news from the ASU - including upcoming member events - please make sure you check your emails for our regular bulletins, and follow us on facebook and instagram.



Unions are all about workers standing up for ourselves and our workmates.

Together we’ve won important rights – like sick pay, annual leave, penalty rates and reasonable work hours.

We just want fair wages, and enough time to spend away from work with our family and friends. We want certainty of hours, and security to plan for the future.

There are many reasons to become an ASU member:

  • Protection and security at work, with expert advice and support       

  • Union fees are 100% tax deductible

  • Better wages and conditions

  • Campaigns to improve things in your workplace, across your sector, and in the broader community

  • Exclusive Member Benefits  - eg access to professional training and development; shopping and petrol discounts

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Free online professional development + training

ASU Career Launchpad is your exclusive member-only professional development program designed to help you take the next step in your career.

These courses would usually cost you hundreds of dollars to access - but they are free for ASU members.

We have courses that are live and interactive, presented by experts in their field. We also offer online video workshops that you can access on-demand and undertake at your own pace.

Union shopper website icon_edited_edited


With cost of living pressure being a big issue for members we know how important it is to save every cent wherever possible.


That’s why we use our bargaining power nationally through Union Shopper to secure ASU members better deals on your weekly shop and other household expenses.

The ASU recently decided to move to Union Shopper to ensure ASU members can access the best discounts available on everyday items and services.


Union Shopper is FREE to use!


And it’s FREE to register online. You’ll only need to register once, yet you’ll be rewarded for years to come.


Are you taking full advantage of your ASU membership?


Access your exclusive discounts by purchasing store gift cards at discounted rates:

  • Petrol (example - 5% United Petrol, 5% Ampol)

  • Groceries (example - 5% IGA, 4% Coles, 4% Woolworths)

  • Alcohol (example - 5% Dan Murphy's, Liquorland, and BWS)

  • Clothing (example - 8% Seed, 7.5% Kathmandu, 7.5% Rebel, 7.5% Witchery, 7.5% Lorna Jane, 6% The Iconic)

  • Sports and outdoors (example - 7.5% BCF, 5% Mitre 10, 5% Home Timber)

  • Electronic goods (example - 5% JB Hi-Fi, 5% Apple store, 5% The Good Guys)

  • Home wares (example - 7.5% Freedom, 5% Myer, 5% Ikea, 8% Sheridan. 3.5% Harvey Norman)

  • Dining (example - 7% restaurant gift cards, 7% Pub + Bar gift cards, 2.5% Uber Eats)

  • Entertainment (example - 8% EB Games, 8% Dymocks, 10% Booktopia, 5% ticketmaster)

  • Movie tickets (example - 8% Hoyts)

  • Accommodation and travel (example - 8% Accor Hotels, 5% Webjet, 30% Samsonite)

  • Car hire and accessories (example - 20% Hertz, 7.5% Supercheap Auto and Beaurepairs Tyres)

  • Health and wellness (10% Laubman + Pank, 7% OPSM)

  • Beauty and pharmacy (10% Priceline Pharmacy, 7% Sephora)


You can also access discounts on car sales, insurance, financial advice (including mortgage planners), broadband NBN internet connection and other services. Larger discounts and specials running for a limited time can also be accessed online through the Union Shopper website.

discounted legal advice.png


The ASU has partnered with highly regarded SA legal firm Johnston Withers Lawyers to provide members with discounted personal legal advice and representation.

You can access a free initial meeting and discounted services including:

  • Complex wills and estates, including estate planning and contested estates;

  • Conveyancing;

  • Superannuation insurance claims such as income protection and total and permanent disability benefits;

  • Family Law;

  • Motor vehicle accidents;

  • Employment and workers compensation law;

  • Dust diseases;

  • Medical Negligence;

  • Criminal Law;

  • Defamation; and

  • Commercial and property matters.

Contact Johnston Withers Lawyers on 08 8231 1110 for assistance. They will confirm with the ASU that you are a financial member of the union, and offer you discounted rates accordingly.

Johnston Withers Lawyers have offices across South Australia in Adelaide, Salisbury, Murray Bridge, Clare, Port Augusta, Whyalla and Roxby Downs.

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The following benefits are available exclusively to financial members of the ASU who work in social, community + disability services.

Journey Insurance

We know our members in community services often are driving long distances to their first support of the day. That’s why in July 2020 we added Journey Insurance for all financial members working in social, community + disability services. We hope you never need it, but accidents do happen. If you need time off work because of an accident travelling to or from work your ASU Journey Insurance policy is there for you. For a copy of your certificate of currency and more information email

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Australian Services Union members working in social, community + disability services are covered by our professional indemnity insurance. This insurance provides financial assistance when defending claims of civil liability as well as damage from potentially ruinous financial loss.

NDIS Code of Conduct Training

The ASU is proud to offer member-only NDIS Code of Conduct training geared towards your rights and responsibilities as a worker. You can watch the training online for free by logging into the ASU Career Launchpad at

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ASU members + your partner can now access free wills as part of your union membership.

This member benefit is valued at $330 per person - so $660 in total!. The wills are generously provided by Hall Payne lawyers.


To access your free will simply contact the ASU at or on 08 8363 1322. Once we have confirmed your financial membership you will receive a coupon code and link to the online portal. You can print and store your will or request Hall Payne securely store the document.

first aid discounted.jpg


Being an ASU member means you can access 30% off First Aid courses through the Red Cross.

You can save money on courses such as:

- advanced first aid

- provide first aid refresher

- general first aid

- mental health first aid

- first aid for babies and children


and many more!

Head to the Red Cross Australia website for a full list of courses.

This means a one day course that typically costs $110 will reduce to $77 for ASU members. Two day courses that are typically $220 will now cost you $154 thanks to your ASU membership.

For your discount code please contact our Member Engagement Officer on 088363 1322 or email us at



The Australian Services Union is a campaigning union.

We campaign for positive change - in our workplaces and industries, in our local communities, and at a national and global level.

Clock off + Switch off.jpg


Work-life balance, unpaid overtime, contact after hours and understaffing are systemic issues for many Australian workers.

It is vital that workers can switch off from work and be properly paid for the hours they actually work - that includes being paid to be available to respond to work-related calls and emails.

We need the right to clock off and switch off to:

  • Ensure limits around working times are fundamental for all workers;

  • End unpaid overtime;

  • Protect workers from negative consequences for refusing contact outside of working hours; and

  • Safeguarding people from being pressured to be constantly connected or available to their employers.

The right to disconnect is becoming a reality across the world - in countries including France, Spain, Canada, Argentina, New Zealand and Ireland.

It's time for Australia to act.

This campaign is of particular interest to our members working in

  • Community + Disability services;

  • NGO + activist organisations;

  • Local Government;

  • Professional Administration;

  • Airlines; and

  • Legal services.

Copy of Strengthening Local Government N


In 2023 the Australian Services Union SA + NT Branch conducted a survey of Local Government workers that revealed several concerning trends in the sector.

The survey found:

  • A significant increase in workload across Councils since the beginning of Covid-19

  • Employees regularly working through their lunch breaks

  • Employees unable to take leave due to resourcing and workload concerns

  • A reduction of secure jobs in favour of fixed-term or contractor positions

  • The prevalence of bullying behaviours across Councils.

In response to this research, ASU members have developed a campaign to Strengthen Local Government.

We have a plan to address these concerns in individual workplaces. We're focused on delivering:

  • Fair pay and working conditions

  • Job security and permanent employment opportunities

  • Work, health and safety, with a particular focus on the mental health + wellbeing of workers

  • Positive work-life balance

In addition to working in individual Councils to address these issues, the ASU is also working with the LGA, SA Government and Federal Government to strengthen the sector.


We are calling for increased funding that is tied to a fair jobs code; investment in workforce training and development to address the skills shortage in the sector; a halt to cost shifting between levels of government; and direct climate change / natural disaster funding.



The superannuation system is failing women:

•  1 in 3 women will retire into poverty
•  The superannuation balances of women are 47% lower than for men
•  Over 1 million Australians currently don’t earn any super so can’t save for their retirement – over half of those women.

And things are not getting any better.

Plans to increase the superannuation guarantee to 12% by 2019 were abolished by the Liberal Government in 2014. Instead, they froze super at 9.5%. We saw a modest move to 10% in mid-2021, 10.5% in mid-2022, and then 11% in July 2023. From 1 July 2024, the Super Guarantee will increase to 11.5%. It will continue to increase by 0.5% on 1 July each year until it reaches 12% in 2025. 

But the super freeze has already meant that a woman on the median wage has already lost over $4,000 in super since 2014. The cumulative impact of the freeze means a 30-year old woman could lose another $93,000 by the time she hits retirement.​

Stand up for Super is a joint campaign between the ASU, the SDA and the ANMF. 

Copy of Copy of Copy of clean jobs plan


There are thousands of ASU members working in the NDIS in the Disability and Community Mental Health support services.  We know what is and isn't working in the NDIS.

ASU members working in frontline services have shared their feedback - they have attended NDIA / NDIS worker forums, presented at parliamentary inquiries and written submissions for NDIS reviews.

We now know that:

  • the pricing units don't reflect the true cost of delivering high quality person centred services;

  • we need greater focus on training and ongoing worker development;

  • a classification structure which recognises the skills required to work with high support needs clients needs to be developed.

We want secure jobs with predictable hours for worker security and continuity of support for people with disability.

ASU members around Australia are campaigning to make the NDIS the best it can be.

Copy of Copy of clean jobs plan (9).jpg


We don't have a choice: Australia must act on climate change. The changes happening now to the climate are real and impacts all Australians - so we must act.

And unions have an important role to play in this process.

As a major energy industry union, the ASU has been campaigning for a Just Transition for workers in high-carbon energy generation and the communities reliant upon these industries, as we work to meet the challenges of climate change.

In 2015 ASU members were confronted by the crisis of a lack of a transition strategy with the sudden closure of the coal-fired power stations owned by Alinta Energy in Port Augusta. We don’t ever want to see a repeat of this crisis.


We need to ensure that job creation and action on climate change are closely connected.

In 2023 the Albanese Government finally announced the creation of a Net Zero Authority, and independent tri=partisan body that will coordinate the support for workers and communities impacted by the closure of traditional power stations.

It's not just coal-fired power station workers who need support. With Port Adelaide's gas=fired Torrens Island Power Station due to close in June 2026 - some ten years earlier than previously predicted - ASU members will need support from both the SA Government and the Net Zero Authority as they transition to new employment. The ASU will be working hard to ensure our members have the necessary support and re-training over the next few years.



There are many ways to become more active in the ASU.

We hold regular industry roundtables, forums, campaign actions, zoom meetings and workplace visits.

If you would like to connect to someone in the ASU team, and chat about the different ways you can become more involved in your union, please email us at


Secretary Abbie Spencer

Assistant Secretary + Industrial Lead Scott Cowen


President Kristen Gilbertson

Vice President Local Government Maggie L’Estrange

Vice President Community Services Robert Habel

Vice President Energy Paul Glatter

Vice President Women Khatija Thomas



ASU workplace leaders are the heart and soul of our union. They are the link between ASU members, the union and union officials. They are the face of our Union, providing information and support to their workmates.

ASU Workplace Reps are elected and endorsed by other ASU members at their worksite.

They can assist you with workplace issues, support you in meetings with management, represent staff at the bargaining table, and organise collective actions.

The ASU offers specialised training for our Workplace Reps - both for new leaders and those who have been active for decades.




Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ASU members come together throughout the year to network, share experiences and discuss issues that are important to First Nations workers. We host an annual First Nations member roundtable to help form union positions on key issues such as nuclear waste dumps on traditional lands.

The ASU leadership team is committed to genuinely engaging First Nations members and potential members around the issues that matter the most to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We work hard to make the union as culturally safe as possible, with all ASU staff required to undertake cultural awareness training and ongoing development in this area. 

We are committed to ensuring First Nations members are represented in the union's elected decision making bodies and we currently have three First Nations members elected to Branch Council and Branch Conference.

We are committed to taking action to address racial injustices in workplaces and the broader community.

We are committed to actively facilitating truth telling in the broader community.



ASU Pride was first formed in Adelaide in 1999 under the leadership of Former Secretary John Gazzola, after the ASU National Conference agreed “each Branch of the of the ASU convene an inaugural meeting of Lesbian and Gay members to develop a policy that supports the rights of Lesbian and Gay ASU members to a safe and inclusive workplace and a union free of discrimination”.

Why have a LGBTIQA+ members Network?

Despite the fact that there are anti discrimination laws in this country, LGBTIQA+ workers are still legally discriminated against in many industries and sections of the workforce. 

On top of all this, LGBTIQA+ workers still experience harassment and feel unsafe in many workplaces even though this is prohibited by legislation.

ASU Pride is a flexible group which allows LGBTIQA+ members to participate as you choose - from networking events and catch ups at the pub, to participating in wider social justice campaigns, there is something for everyone!



ASU members just starting out in their careers have a different set of workplace concerns to those who are closer to retirement.

ASU Young Members is designed as a social and support network for young professionals. It is a safe space for new and emerging activists. Join us for a casual after work drink at a pub, a zoom get together, or join us for the next big rally!

If you are aged 35 years and under, and would like to meet like-minded unionists then reach out to Declan at the ASU at

Copy of Copy of Magnets (12).jpg


ASU Women hold regular events to

  • discuss the issues that matter to women 

  • promote ASU campaigns

  • build members' skills and knowledge

  • activate and empower members

Issues that we have campaigned around include:

  • Family and domestic violence as a workplace issue

  • Gender equality in Superannuation

  • Equal Pay for community services workers

  • Ending sexual harassment at work

  • Insecure work

  • Wage theft

  • Paid Parental Leave

ASU Women is inclusive, and open to all ASU members who identify as female, non-binary and genderqueer.




The ASU SA + NT Branch has a salary band scale for membership fees.

ASU membership fees are tax deductible.

You can elect to have your Union fees debited to your credit card monthly, quarterly or annually. Direct debits of your Union fees from your Bank or credit union account can be made fortnightly or monthly.  See the attached table to calculate your fees.

There are three ways you can join:


In order to be fair to our long-term members, the ASU has a policy that limits the level of support we can provide new members joining the union with pre-existing issues.


Material published on this website is for information purposes only.


The Australian Services Union cannot guarantee that the information is complete or correct or current. Confirmation direct from the ASU is to be sought for any official advice.

The ASU accepts no responsibility for the content of any external sites we link to. Please also see our Privacy Policy for further information.


This ASU’s social media space on a third-party platform provides an opportunity to share opinions and engage with others through social media channels.

All users are required to treat each other with respect and courtesy. As unionists, we stand for safety, we respect each other, and we will always fight for equality and fairness.

Please also see our Social Media policy for further information.


The ASU is member-owned and member-run. ASU elections are conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission which is the same government agency that conducts federal elections. Officers, executive members, and the union’s national conference and branch conference delegates are all elected by members of the union.


The 2023 election notice is available to download here. Further information about the process can be found here.


The Australian Services Union is an employee organisation (a union) registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009.

The Act and the ASU Rules provide that the financial affairs of Unions are checked and audited every year and this information is made available to members. More information including all previous audited statements can be found on the Registered Organisations Commission website .

Hard copies are available upon request by email to or write to:

A Spencer
PO Box 2217

If you have any questions or comments regarding the financial reports please email ASU SA + NT Branch Secretary, Abbie Spencer at


The union is required to declare the remuneration and other non-cash benefits of our officials.

Previous disclosures can be found on the Registered Organisations Commission website .

The 2020-2021 disclosure includes additional income for the Secretary in the form of Long Service Leave paid out, approved by the Branch Executive.


The ASU proudly works alongside the following organisations

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08 83631322

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