ASU First Nations Members

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ASU members come together throughout the year to network, share experiences and discuss issues that are important to First Nations workers. We host an annual First Nations member roundtable to help form union positions on key issues such as nuclear waste dumps on traditional lands.

The ASU leadership team is committed to genuinely engaging First Nations members and potential members around the issues that matter the most to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

We work hard to make the union as culturally safe as possible, with all ASU staff & elected officals required to undertake cultural awareness training and ongoing development in this area. 

We are committed to ensuring First Nations members are represented in the union's elected decision making bodies. We currently have a First Nations member elected as Vice President, three First Nations members on Branch Council and four First Nations members elected to Branch Conference.

We are committed to taking action to address racial injustices in workplaces and the broader community.

We are committed to actively facilitating truth telling in the broader community.
To get involved, please contact us here.


ASU Young Members 

ASU members just starting out in their careers have a different set of workplace concerns to those who are closer to retirement.

ASU Young Members is designed as a social and support network for young professionals. It is a safe space for new and emerging activists. Join us for a casual after work drink at a pub, a zoom get together, or join us for the next big rally!

If you are aged 35 years and under, and would like to meet like-minded unionists then us reach out to us here. 

ASU Pride

ASU Pride was first formed in Adelaide in 1999 under the leadership of Former Secretary John Gazzola, after the ASU National Conference agreed "each Branch of the ASU convene an inaugural meeting of Lesbian and Gay members to develop a policy that supports to rights of Lesbian and Gay ASU members to a safe and inclusive workplace and a union free of discrimination".

Why have a LGBTIQA+ members Network?

Despite the fact that there are anti discrimination laws in this country, LGBTIQA+ workers are still legally discriminated against in many industries and sections of the workforce. 

On top of all this, LGBTIQA+ workers still experience harassment and feel unsafe in many workplaces even though this is prohibited by legislation.

ASU Pride is a flexible group which allows LGBTIQA+ members to participate as you choose - from networking events and catch ups at the pub, to participating in wider social justice campaigns, there is something for everyone!

Getting involved is as easy as reaching out to us here.


ASU Women

ASU members just starting out in their careers have a different set of workplace concerns to those who are closer to retirement.

ASU Women hold regular events to:

  • discuss the issues that matter to women
  • promote ASU campaigns
  • build members' skills and knowledge
  • activate and empower members

Issues that we have campaigned around include: 

  • Family and domestic violence as a workplace issue
  • Gender equality in Superannuation
  • Equal Pay for community services workers
  • Ending sexual harassment at work
  • Insecure work
  • Wage theft
  • Paid Parental Leave

ASU Women is inclusive, and open to all ASU members who identify as female, non-binary and genderqueer.

If that sounds like something you want to be a part of you can contact us here.

The ASU has always championed diversity and inclusion. We fight injustice wherever we see it.
ASU member in Community Services

Community and Disability Workers Deserve Better

We're not just fighting to keep up with inflation; we want to beat it. And for that, we need to stand together to demand a fair annual wage increase. Frontline workers supporting our communities deserve secure, decent and well-paid jobs. 2/03/2024