Membership Terms and Conditions

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We are proudly democratic. We are run by members, for members. As a member we commit to being by your side, every step of the way.


+ Union Rules

Our rules are publicly available, and available here on our website and on the Fair Work Commission’s Registered Organisations website.

By joining the ASU, members agree to abide by the rules of the ASU and the relevant state registered union as amended from time to time.


Read the union rules here.

+ Authorisation

I understand I am applying for membership of the Australian Services Union (ASU) hereby referred to as the Union. By joining the union, I authorise the Union:

  • To act on my behalf in respect of any negotiations, discussions or proceedings whatsoever relating to the terms and conditions of my employment or proposed employment; and
  • To be given access to all documentation relating to my employment or proposed employment, including any type of employment contract, workplace agreement, enterprise agreement or other industrial instrument.

This authority remains in force until I revoke it in writing. When I no longer need or want to be a member of the Australian Services Union, I will resign in writing providing two weeks’ notice of my resignation. I am required to pay membership fees until that date.

+ Privacy

The information I provide will be used in accordance with the ASU's Privacy Statement. My information is confidential. The Union will not disclose my ASU membership to my employer without my approval.

Read the privacy statement here.


+ Member Portal

Financial Members can access the Member Portal at To log in use your Member ID (included in emails sent to you). Member benefits and services can be accessed via the portal.

Log in to the Member Portal here.

+ Journey Insurance

If you experience an accident or injury while travelling to or from work, the union’s got your back.

Our policy provides income protection for financial members of the Australian Services Union in New South Wales.

All workers in NSW used to be covered by the State Government but back in 2012 the New South Wales Workers Compensation Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 was passed by the NSW Liberal Government and effectively removed coverage for most workers traveling to and from work.

After a two-week excess the benefit payable is 100% of salary (up to $2,000 per week) for 104 weeks.

The policy is available in my Member Portal.

+ Professional Indemnity Insurance

ASU members in the social and community services sector are automatically covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance that follows you no matter where you work, including disability services, mental health, homelessness, or youth services.

The policy is available in my Member Portal.

+ Pre-existing Issues

All new members are subject to an initial servicing period, outlined in the ASU’s Join In Knowledge Policy. New members joining with a pre-existing issue can receive industrial advice and support once they have committed to remaining a member for a minimum of 12 months.

Read the Join In Knowledge Policy here.

+ Correspondence

I understand that my ASU Branch will correspond with me by phone, SMS, email and post. To opt out please email [email protected] or call 029310 4000. I can also unsubscribe from emails at the bottom of each email.

+ Membership Subscriptions

I understand that ASU membership fees are altered from time to time, and I will be notified of any such changes before they take effect in accordance with ASU rules.

Membership rates are based on average weekly work hours.

16 hours or more: $13.50

Less than 16 hours: $9.25

+ Direct Debit Service Agreement

By electing to pay my union dues via Direct Debit, I am authorising the Australian Services Union NSW & ACT (Services) Branch to arrange for funds to be debited my account at the financial institution nominated. This authorisation is to remain in force in accordance with the terms described in the Direct Debit Request Service agreement.

Read the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement here.

+ Refund Policy

Subscription Refund Policy

The Australian Services Union will refund subscriptions paid where there has been an overpayment, subject to ASU Rule 18 - Subscriptions and the requirements of s174 (2) of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 for resigning members to provide two weeks written notice of their resignation.

All resignations from membership must be made in writing and addressed to the Branch Secretary.

Member Changes to Subscription

I am required to notify the Branch in writing when my circumstances change such that the change would affect the amount I pay to the Branch in membership fees.

Notice of the change is required within two weeks of the change occurring but it is preferred in advance of any change.

Where a member does not notify the Branch in writing prior to the change, and fees continue to be collected as if the change had not occurred, I can write to the Branch Secretary requesting a refund.

The Branch Secretary may authorise a refund to the member of the amount of fees overpaid in the preceding two weeks.

Circumstances in which this provision may apply include, but are not limited to:

  1. Cancellation of membership (in accordance with ASU Rule 18, resignations must be submitted in writing, either hard copy or electronic forms are accepted)
  2. Periods of leave without pay
  3. Periods of parental leave
  4. A reduction in hours of employment

A member affected by this policy who believes that they have exceptional circumstances (in respect of failure to notify the Branch of a relevant change to their circumstances) may submit a written case to the branch for a refund of an overpaid amount greater than provided for in above.

The member’s case will be submitted for consideration by the Branch Secretary who will decide whether exceptional circumstances exist and if so an appropriate amount to refund the member in the circumstances.

The Branch Secretary may delegate their decision making authority in this policy to the Deputy Secretary.

Secretary: Angus McFarland

Contact the Secretary: [email protected]

Contact the Union: [email protected]

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Portable Long Service Leave

The Australian Services Union is campaigning to win portable long service leave for community and disability workers in NSW. 5/10/2023