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Unions win 5.75% pay rise for almost 3 million workers!

After many months campaigning for a meaningful pay rise through the National Wage Case, ASU members have now won a 5.75% increase to the Modern Award Rates!

This is great news for

  • our members working in professional admin and clerical roles under the Clerks - Private Sector Award, and

  • our members working in disability, social and community services under the SCHADS Award.

If you work under the Clerks - Private Sector Award, or the SCHADS Award, you will receive a 5.75% pay rise from 1 July 2023!

The National Minimum Wage will also increase by 8.6% on 1 July 2023.

ASU members should be very proud of these results.

We played an important role in a national campaign lead by the ACTU, calling for a meaningful pay rise for workers on minimum wage and reliant on Award wages, and this is the largest increase to minimum and Award wages in Australia's history!

The pay increases will benefit one in four workers across Australia.

After 10 years of anti-worker law changes by the previous Coalition government, our work laws have too many loopholes that big businesses use to lower wages.

Unions will not rest while we have work laws that that leave minimum wage workers living in poverty, deliver real wage cuts for the average worker and give massive power to businesses to increase executive pay and profits.

It’s everyday people like you and the almost two million union members – people power – who will make sure we build a better, fairer society, and an economy that supports working people and our communities.

That starts with ensuring workers have decent wages.

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