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It pays to be union!

ASU members working at Aboriginal Family Support Services have won significant improvements in pay and conditions!

Members have negotiated some of the BEST WAGES IN THE SECTOR at the above Award pay points, recognising and rewarding longer term staff.

Highlights include: • New Above Award Pay Points, ranging between 2.05% and 2.35% above the Award that will increase annually.

• Back pay from 1 July 2021

• This is on top of the 4.6% SCHADS Award wage rise

• Significant Increase to the Passive Rate to $87.14 (sleepover rate)

• One Paid Self-Care Day - to use as employees choose, with no reason needing to be provided

• An additional 1% or 1.5% Super for staff with 7 or 10 years’ continuous service respectively.

• Other than a contract for a specific project, all employees’ contracts will be considered ongoing, subject to the provision of funding for the program or service with which they are engaged.

• 10 days unpaid Ceremonial Leave, plus 5 days paid and/or 5 days unpaid Cultural Leave for Aboriginal staff.

Thanks to the ASU Workplace + Bargaining Reps who have spent years negotiating this Agreement. It's been a long road, but what a fantastic outcome!

It pays to be union!

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