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Farewell to two awesome ASU Reps

Special shout out to two of our hard working ASU Reps at who retired 30 June 2022.

BRENTON MEDLIN has been one of our most capable, knowledgeable and passionate workplace leaders. A Rep since 1989, Brenton led his crew of Operators through some tough battles, including the privatisation of ETSA and multiple ownership changes at the Station.

As fellow Rep Paul Glatter says: "Brenton's tireless efforts over 30+ years as a Workplace Rep cannot be underestimated. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for the conditions we still enjoy today despite the continued efforts of our employer to remove them."

IAN KINLOUGH has been an ASU Workplace leader at Torrens Island since the 90's. Ian has not only generously offered his time as a Rep for day staff, he has also represented all energy members on our Branch Council for many years, helping shape strategic decisions, and build a strong and sustainable union.

Ian has also been part of ASU national delegations to Canberra, making sure our Pollies heard directly from frontline energy workers.

While we are very sad to be losing two of our best activists, we are thankful that we have a depth of talent at Torrens Island, with new leaders ready to step up. They are big shoes to fill though!

We wish Brenton and Ian all the very best for their retirement years - may they be long and healthy, full of great fishing and trips away with the family.

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