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Cultural fitness training unlike anything you've ever experienced before...

In July a number of our elected officials + ASU staff took part in cultural fitness training.

Facilitated by Relationships Australia SA, the training was lead by Auntie Jo Willmot.

Many of you know Auntie Jo from past ASU events where she has generously shared her time and insights with us.

So how does this training differ from your typical cultural awareness training?

It provides a series of activities that participants immerse themselves in, providing an opportunity for them to FEEL a small fraction of what First Nations people feel every single day of their life. This process enables participants to challenge their own thinking, experiences and biases.

The ASU’s leadership team is committed to building a culturally safe union for all First Nations people.

That’s why all ASU staff based in SA have now completed this training, as has our President, Vice Presidents, and many of our Branch Councillors and Workplace Reps.

We will continue to work on our cultural fitness.

We will continue to show up, stand up, speak out and put in the work.

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