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Campaign for National Transition Authority ramps up

In the lead up to the federal budget being handed down in May, energy members have stepped up our campaign for a National Energy Transition Authority.

Workers and communities that currently rely on heavy-polluting power stations for employment, need a national tripartite authority that will oversee Australia's transition to a net-zero economy.

We need all levels of government working together on this.

And we need government, energy companies and unions around the same table, working together on this transition.

Last week ASU members working at Torrens Island Power Station took action - along with energy workers in the Hunter and Latrobe Valleys - sending a message of solidarity to the workers at the Liddell Power Station that closed on Friday April 28.

A group of Operators from Torrens Island were joined by ASU Secretary Abbie Spencer, ASU Assistant Secretary Scott Cowen, ASU Lead Organiser Dan Spencer alongside SA Unions Secretary Dale Beasley and the rest of the Torrens Island unions to lobby SA Labor Senator Karen Grogan, and federal Member for Makin Tony Zappia about the critical need for a national body to oversee the transition away from heavy-polluting energy generation.

This comes on the back of a trip to Canberra in March by ASU Workplace Rep Paul Glatter, who joined a national delegation of union members for a day of meetings at Parliament House.

Our Parliament House delegation also included ASU National Secretary Rob Potter, ASU Assistant Secretary Scott Cowen, and ASU Organising Lead Dan Spencer.

The delegation met the Minister for Minister for Energy Chris Bowen, and the Minister for Industrial Relations Tony Bourke, Members of Parliament and key cross bench Senators.


We need a tripartite authority that supports workers through comprehensive packages that include pooled redundancy and employment schemes, education, training, income replacement and retirement plans.

The ASU wants the Albanese Government to announce a National Energy Transition Authority in its federal budget due to be handed down next week.

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